About us

CWA is founded for exporting Taiwan's ornamental fish to markets around the world. We are one of the few companies that export freshwater fish, saltwater fish, water plant, and coral, while having CITES. Beginning in 2015, on top of existing contract fish farms, CWA began raising fish in its own facility to cultivate products desired by customers.

Focusing ahead
Our team is comprised of staff all having degrees in Aquaculture. CWA has been working with universities and research institutions on various research topics, as well as exchanging information and technical know-how, helping CWA stays ahead of competition and keeps CWA at the forefront of industry.

Cost efficiency
To maximize customers' competitiveness and margin, CWA has worked to integrate the supply chain both vertically and horizontally. For instance, CWA established its own fish farm and can cultivate specific fish type per customer demand at lower cost. CWA strives to perfect packaging and lowering shipping cost by maximizing number of fish while minimizing amount of water. In order to meet market demands, CWA can ship out orders within 3 days, helping customers reduce their time-to-market.

CWA is founded on the principles of win-win. Efforts to continuously improve all aspects of our operations are endless because we want provide our customers with the best products at the best cost, while doing our best to maintain a green and everlasting ecosystem.