Common name: Pinto Spotted (Black/6)
Scientific name: Caridina serrata var.
Classification: Atyidae, Caridina
  • Size: 2-3cm
  • Temperature: 15~25℃
  • pH: 5.8~7.4
  • Hardness: 7-15 dGH
  • Country of Origin: Artificially modified

Pinto Spotted (Black/6) released by German players, is divided into two types: one with colored spots (Pinto Spotted) on the cheeks, and the other with short stripes (Pinto Zebra) on the back. The main feature of its spot performance is the classic body stature of a crystal red shrimp, Mosura, with the shiny black base color derived from Taiwan Bee (Extreme Black), and 4 to 6 eye-catching white (or white touched with blue) patches shown on the gills, which completely deviates from the traditional pattern.