Creative Way Global, founded in 2009, is one of the famous ornamental fish importers/exporters in Taiwan. With our new brand, CREATIVE WAY AQUA (CWA), we expect to create an innovative way and become the leader in this industry. Following our three principles, "profession, quality, and efficiency", we manage to provide freshwater/marine fish, aquatic plants, and coral of high quality. Meanwhile, we also offer some special species with CITES permission.
1. Leadership with Profession & Continuous innovation
All of our technical staff are highly qualified with bachelor's degrees in Aquaculture. We not only possess a professional study team but also have exceptional staff with deep experience. We apply our professional knowledge to the improvement of packing skills and the quality control of inventory Moreover, through the long-term cooperation with universities, the government, and research institutions on various topics, as well as exchanging updated information and technical know-how, CWA is able to obtain new concepts for research and development, and then stay ahead in the competition and of this industry.
2. Quality Assurance & Profit Creating
In order to get the best quality control and our profit, the most important thing for us is to choose reliable suppliers and keep improving all aspects of our operation. We've well connected with suppliers who possess good quality and sufficient stocks and carefully handled and inspected live stocks to ensure quality. By following the stringent work disciplines of ISO9001:2015, the quality management system in aquaculture, our goal is to make sure that all live stocks maintain in their peak condition while being held in the facility, and stay fully healthy before delivery. Moreover, we also strive to perfect our packing skills and lower shipping cost by maximizing the fish number and, at the same time, minimizing the amount of water.
3. Informatization & Efficiency Increase
We not only reduce expenses on unnecessary manpower but also provide customers with instant inventory information by developing and investing in our own stocktaking system, and production planning and scheduling system. Meanwhile, through the operating systems, we can easily control production costs and reduce unnecessary waste in many aspects; therefore, we are able to provide competitive prices to customers.
To meet the rapidly shifting demands of the market, CWA can ship out orders within 3 days after confirming customers' orders. This can help customers to reduce their time-to-market, and to win at the very start.
4. Partnership & Co-prosperity
To satisfy various demands of the market, we take our customers' suggestions seriously. By using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to efficiently track each customer's characteristics and order history, we can predict customers' future demands with accuracy and then provide products with the most competitive prices. It not only helps our customers to get more opportunities but also enables them to occupy most of the market share. All in all, CWA expects to build a positive partnership with customers and to create co-prosperity results for each other.