01What is the source of our products?

Currently the aquatic species we provide are from the farmed fish species in Taiwan. However, we still can purchase products from other countries in accordance with customers’ requirements.

02Is there a minimum order quantity?

There is no request for MOQ. However, the only concern is the high freight charge that comes with a small purchasing quantity. As long as customers can accept and afford the related costs, it is no problem for us to arrange delivery.

03How long can customers receive shipments after placing orders?

In order to maintain the best quality of our products, we hope that customers could allow us to prepare shipments with sufficient time. However, if customers have special requests, shipments can be expected within 3 workdays after order and payment confirmation.

04What are our packing specifications?

Livestock will be prepared and packed according to the “Instructions for Shipping Perishable Items from FedEx,” which means our live fish not only can be shipped by ordinary passenger aircrafts, but also are able to be transported by FedEx.

Our standard packing is 4~6 bags per box, but it is adjustable according to customers’ locations, flight duration, time for local customs clearance, inspection procedures, and in-land transportation time. We can also design different packaging methods to meet customers’ requests.

05What if customers look for products other than our price list?

To diversify our products, we’ve collaborated with more than 250 ornamental fish farms in Taiwan and also engaged in cooperating with fish farms in Southeast Asia. We very welcome all kinds of challenging requests from customers and always try our best to meet customers’ expectation, which enables us to make continuous growth and improvements in this field.

06What are our payment terms and how to complete payments?

New customers are required to complete the full payment by wire transfer or credit card after order confirmation; the shipment will be prepared right after payment being confirmed. As for long-term customers, other payment conditions are available, which depends on our transaction frequency.

07How to place an order?

Please send an e-mail to [email protected]. Our sales team will be at your service.