Satisfying customers' demands while ensuring the SDGs.

For sustainable management, our company collects wild aquatic animals based on environmental-friendly processes and cooperates with farms to develop artificial propagation techniques of wild species to avoid ecological imbalance.


  • All suppliers possess legal licenses and are subject to the government's long-term supervision of disease prevention.
  • Full compliance with CITES specifications.
  • We don't sell protected species announced by the Government of Taiwan.
  • We don't sell genetically-modified fish.

Environment Friendly

  • We don't collect wild fish and shrimp during the breeding season.
  • We collect wild fish and shrimp in a way that does not endanger the environment. (for example, not using drugs or electric shock.)
  • We encourage and assist fish farms to establish artificial propagation techniques for wild fish and shrimp.

Stable Supply

  • More than 90% of our products are artificial propagation.
  • Carrying out planned production to meet customers' special needs.
  • Reserving seasonal products according to customers' orders in order to achieve stable supply throughout the year.