Quality Management

Creative Way Global constantly strives for improvement. We not only standardize and automatize our working procedures in the ornamental fish industry but also use informatized tools to build big data for production and marketing to assist customers in analyzing and predicting market trends.

Quotations and Orders
  • Our self-built CRM system can shorten the processing time taken by quotations and orders, provide different levels of prices for different types of customers, and offer preferential prices according to each customer's specific requirements.
  • We provide special-discount products monthly to regular customers and update the latest stock list and quotation promptly.
  • Our self-developed ERP system has inventory management with perfect function; it can confirm all orders in a short time and complete shipments within 3 days.
  • CWA's inventory system can control the fish farms' production and stock data, simultaneously provide customers with complete and latest inventory information and predict the future sales volume of products, which is convenient for customers to make marketing strategies.
  • The automatized QC for receiving and shipping goods can reduce human errors and improve the quality of our products.
  • Establish a standard procedure for receiving goods to reduce the incidence of diseases.
  • Disinfect the equipment of the plant regularly to avoid biological diseases.
  • Use biological agents instead of chemicals and antibiotics to avoid biological resistance.
  • Reserve the hot-selling goods required by customers and accept production designated.
  • Friendly breed fish by simulating their original living environment, which can improve their color performance.
  • Add probiotics to the feed to increase the immunity of fish.
  • Design packaging experiments according to customers' needs to achieve customized packaging.
  • Make a standard shipping procedure; process packaging according to customers' attributes (for example, transshiper or wholesaler) to reduce customers' labor allocation.