Common name: Black Galaxy Fishbone (Pinto Galaxy Fishbone (Black))
Scientific name: Caridina sp.var.
Classification: Atyidae, Caridina
  • Size: 2-3cm
  • Temperature: 15~25℃
  • pH: 5.8~7.4
  • Hardness: 7-15 dGH
  • Country of Origin: Artificially modified

Black Galaxy Fishbone was bred from Pinto, which originates in Taiwan. This new species had taken 3 years to be successfully improved by SKYFISH AQUA, an enterprise that specializes in breeding Crystal shrimps. Black Galaxy Fishbone, the best species of this strain, has won the championship in an international competition of ornamental shrimps. Due to its stellate spots on the head and the fishbone-like pattern on the spine, the Crystal shrimp is thus named Galaxy Fishbone. The trend of keeping small ornamental shrimps has gradually grown in recent years. That SKYFISH AQUA has devoted itself to the breeding of Crystal shrimps become an impressive new glory of Taiwan.