Common name: Snowball Shrimp (Neocaridina cf. zhejiangensis var. white)
Scientific name: Neocaridina denticulata var.
Classification: Atyidae, Neocaridina
  • Size: 2-3cm
  • Temperature: 15~28℃
  • pH: 6.5~7.8
  • Hardness: 7-15 dGH
  • Country of Origin: Artificially modified

The body color of Snowball Shrimp is snow-white. Especially, when the females hold their eggs, it looks like holding white snowball, which thus comes their name. Snowball Shrimp is an ornamental dwarf Neocaridina; different from other colored Neocaridina, it doesn’t originate from Taiwan. It might be from Southeast Asia, but it is usually hard to verify its origin.